Voting Opens In Global Luxury Venue Awards

28th Nov 2023, LONDON, UK


Voting opens in Prestigious Star Awards 2024 for the world's leading venues and event suppliers.

28th Nov 2023

Voting has now opened in the 12th annual Prestigious Star Awards 2024 - the ‘Oscars’ of venues and event suppliers worldwide. The programme celebrates and supports leading event spaces suitable for outstanding events. It enables venues and suppliers to achieve and exhibit the most illustrious global recognition in event hospitality. This 12-month programme is presented by Prestigious Venues, the international venue booking platform for premium events. Starting today, venue representatives will be nominating their venues in their chosen categories. All nominees will then be shortlisted by event bookers and clients during the voting period.

2024 awards entries will be open until 31st December 2023 at A staggering 2,000 global venues and suppliers will be reviewed. Nominees have come from a wide range of destinations including the UK, Australia, Greece, UAE, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Morocco and Turkey among others.

The awards nominees will be presented to over 18,500 event bookers who will vote for the best performing venues from 1st November - 31st December 2023. During this period, nominees are voted for by a network of international event bookers and industry peers. Finalists will be announced on the 11th of January 2024. On Friday 15th of March 2024 London’s Grand Ball will be held to celebrate the distinguished Nominees, Finalists, Highly Commended and Winners of the ‘Prestigious Stars’. For the first time, winners will also be treated to a special Winners’ Dinner held on the following evening, Saturday 16th of March 2024. More about the 2024 Awards Schedule.

During London’s Grand Ball on Friday, 15th March 2024, guests will experience the timeless tradition of ballroom dancing in a star-studded night, filled with elegance and energy. The evening will feature captivating performances, merry musicians and enchanting entertainment, with a chance to win one of a series of luxury weekend stays in the world’s most prestigious hotels. So join us in celebrating the finest global event destinations, showcasing the highest quality, outstanding performance and reputation par excellence.


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The Categories:
The Prestigious Star Awards 2024 cover a host of global and national categories as well as a staff category added in recent years, to recognise and celebrate the dedication of individual team members who successfully deliver remarkable events. The relevant list of categories and entry guide can be found on the Entry Submission Form and below is an overview of categories that can be entered:

About Prestigious Star Awards

We engage the foremost industry leaders to examine and promote excellence, to revive old-world values, to boost innovation, and to shape the future of premium hospitality.

The Prestigious Star Awards celebrate the quality, performance and reputation of the world’s best venues and suppliers qualified to host the most memorable events. As the only global luxury venue industry awards, every year the world’s leading venues and event suppliers are nominated. The program puts the nominees in front of the public, event bookers and Prestigious Venues ambassadors through online voting. The award of a ‘Prestigious Star’ is presented to one elected winner in each category at the awards evening that takes place at one of London's most prestigious venues every year. The Prestigious Star Awards are conducted by Prestigious Venues - the global venue platform enabling clients to benchmark and book distinguished event spaces across the world.


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