A 'Virtual' Celebration Of The World's Best Venues In 2020

24th March 2020, LONDON, UK


Celebrating the world's best venues in 2020.

24th March 2020


Coronavirus epidemic leads guests and winners of the Prestigious Star Awards to celebrate 'virtually.' Guests celebrated by raising a toast to the best performing venues from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Prestigious Venues revealed the 2020 edition of the world's best venues through social media in place of the scheduled event, which was due to take place at 116 Pall Mall in London.

The Coronavirus epidemic has brought the hospitality industry to a standstill. One of the thousands of events that was cancelled was London's Grand Ball 2020, which celebrates the world's best venues voted for in the Prestigious Star Awards. While the event was cancelled, guests and winners celebrated by raising a toast from the comfort and safety of their homes. Guests received a message prior to the event to join in and raise a glass to the dedicated people behind the hospitality industry. Many of these venues and their people are now supporting their local communities and offering assistance however they can during these unprecedented times. The celebrations continued 'virtually' online as the winners were announced through social media and the awards portal.

Now in their 11th year, the awards were due to be celebrated at 116 Pall Mall in a unique evening of inspiration, recognition and celebration. This is normally a key date in the luxury hospitality calendar and features ballroom dancing, extravagant guest prizes and outstanding entertainment. This 12-month programme is presented by Prestigious Venues, the international venue booking platform for premium events.

Habib Amir, Global Managing Director of Prestigious Venues made the following comment: "This epidemic is an unprecedented shock for the industry and one that will test many venues and hospitality businesses to their core. It's very likely that some businesses will fold but it will also require the transformation of businesses that were previously traditional in their day to day processes. Many of the venues recognised in the Prestigious Star Awards programme have survived centuries of tests and we hope that they will once again demonstrate resilience, innovation and compassion. We have no doubt that many of them will come back even stronger after this setback and when they do, we will be ready to celebrate them once again."

The Prestigious Star Awards recognises the world's best venues for events and over 2,000 venues were reviewed in the past 12 months. Nominated venues were voted for by event bookers and 3 finalists were shortlisted in each category. After this, an in-depth review by Prestigious Venues global ambassadors, venue specialists and event planners led to the winners being selected.

The 2020 Prestigious Star Awards Winners Are:

1. Best Gala Dinner Venue:

  • Winner: Hôtel Royal Savoy Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Highly Commended: Titanic Mardan Palace, Turkey


2. Best Conference Venue:

  • Winner: One Moorgate Place, UK
  • Highly Commended: The St. Regis Shanghai Jing'an, China


3. Best Meeting Venue:

  • Winner: Hôtel Majestic Barrière, France
  • Highly Commended: Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney, Australia


4. Best Christmas Party Venue:

  • Winner: Café de Paris, UK
  • Highly Commended: Trianon Palace, France


5. Best Private Dining Venue:

  • Winner: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Highly Commended: Palacio Estoril, Portugal


6. Best Reception Venue:

  • Winner: Tower Bridge, UK
  • Highly Commended: The Dorchester, UK


7. Best Wedding Venue:

  • Winner: Kensington Palace, UK
  • Highly Commended: InterContinental Fujairah Resort, UAE


8. Best Summer Party Venue:

  • Winner: Sunborn Gibraltar, UK
  • Highly Commended: Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf, France


9. Best Birthday Party Venue:

  • Winner: The Royal Myconian, Greece
  • Highly Commended: Vila Monte, Portugal


10. Best Fashion Event Venue:

  • Winner: The St. Regis New York, USA
  • Highly Commended: Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, The Netherlands


11. Best Networking Event Venue:

  • Winner: Raffles Hotel Singapore, Singapore
  • Highly Commended: The Westin Palace, Madrid, Spain


12. Best Product Launch Venue:

  • Winner: Bürgenstock Hotel, Switzerland
  • Highly Commended: Tower of London, UK


13. Best Film Location Venue:

  • Winner: One Great George Street, UK
  • Highly Commended: Intercontinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hôtel, France


14. Best Press Conference Venue:

  • Winner: 116 Pall Mall, UK
  • Highly Commended: The Royal Horseguards Hotel and One Whitehall Place, UK


15. Best Corporate Incentive Venue:

  • Winner: Costa Navarino, Greece
  • Highly Commended: Sopwell House, UK


16. Best Training Venue:

  • Winner: Conservatorium Hotel, The Netherlands
  • Highly Commended: Sunborn Gibraltar, UK


17. Best Exhibition Venue:

  • Winner: Regent Porto Montenegro, Montenegro
  • Highly Commended: Costa Navarino, Greece


18. Best Golf Day Venue:

  • Winner: Fairmont St Andrews, Scotland
  • Highly Commended: Brocket Hall, UK


19. Best Sporting Venue:

  • Winner: The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, UAE
  • Highly Commended: Goodwood, UK


20. The World's Most Prestigious Venue:

  • Winner: Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, France
  • Highly Commended: Château d'Agassac, France


21. Best Venue in The Netherlands:

  • Winner: Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Highly Commended: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, The Netherlands


22. Best Venue in The UK:

  • Winner: The Dorchester, UK
  • Highly Commended: Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa, UK


23. Best Venue in The UAE:

  • Winner: Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai, UAE
  • Highly Commended: Palazzo Versace Dubai, UAE


24. Best Venue Staff:

  • Winner: Hristina Paunova - One Moorgate Place, UK
  • Highly Commended: Amanda Hogg - Fairmont St Andrews, Scotland


25. Best Event Supplier:

  • Winner: Food Show
  • Highly Commended: Yellow Entertainment

Brief Facts

  • 2,000+ Venues - Over 2,000 venues reviewed across the globe each year
  • 200 Selected - Only 200 venues nominated worldwide
  • 3 Finalists - 3 Finalists in each of the 25 events based categories
  • 1 Highly Commended - 1 venue (the runner-up) is awarded the Highly Commended accolade
  • 1 Winner - 1 venue per category is awarded the STAR award - the most prestigious accolade in premium hospitality
  • 1 Annual Celebration - At one of London's most prestigious venues
  • 100 Guests - 100 industry leaders including venues and event bookers attend
  • Thought Leadership - Unique insights into the world's best events
  • New Categories - Recognising the best Event Suppliers and hospitality professionals behind the scenes
  • All Year Long - A 12-month program, filled with inspiration, recognition & celebration

Now in their 11th year, the Prestigious Star Awards celebrate outstanding performance among the world’s best venues and event suppliers.

Nominations are open from April to November every year. During the voting period in October and December, event bookers from across the globe are invited to cast their votes to determine the three finalists in each category. Once voting ends, a panel of Prestigious Venues ambassadors then vote for the winners based on their performance over the previous 12-month period.

2021 & 2022 AWARDS
Dates for the next 2 years confirmed as follows:

EVENT DATE: Friday, 19th March 2021
1st April 2020
HOST VENUE: 116 Pall Mall
CELEBRATION: London's Grand Ball celebrating Prestigious Star Awards 2021

EVENT DATE: Friday, 18th March 2022
ENTRIES OPEN: Entries Open: 1st April 2021
HOST VENUE: One Great George Street
CELEBRATION: London's Grand Ball celebrating Prestigious Star Awards 2022

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