Prestigious Star Awards 2017

The Only Global Luxury Venue Awards. An All Year Program. Ceremony: 15th September 2017, London.

Rupa Photography

Rupa Photography

Rupa Photography

A brilliant event photographer who captures real-life moments and transposes them into vivid memories. Rupa Photography has been recognised in the world’s largest review of luxury event spaces and suppliers in 2017. The event supplier was selected from a shortlist of the best event suppliers in the below categories. The public, clients and venue specialists will be invited to vote during July and the results of the 2017 awards will be announced at the ceremony on the 15th of September in London, UK. Both the supplier and the Prestigious Star Awards ambassadors thank you for your valuable input.

Prestigious Star Awards Ambassadors

2017 Nominations

  • 2017 – Nominated, Most Prestigious Event Supplier

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Event Supplier Overview

Rupa Photography is one of London's best event photographers capturing real-life moments and transposing them into vivid memories. She discovered her passion while traveling around the world, more than fifteen years ago. Rupa's background in architecture helps her to add creativity and ingenuity to the way she approaches photography. Rupa Photography specialises in weddings, birthday parties, product launches, gala dinners, conferences and any other type of corporate event. More About This Supplier