Prestigious Star Awards 2015

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September 2015, London. Global Luxury Venue Awards. Hosted by Prestigious Venues

Prestigious Star Awards 2015

The Prestigious Star Awards celebrate the quality, performance and reputation of the world’s best venues qualified to host the most memorable events.

The World’s Best Venues

Distinguished venues are nominated in the annual awards program. The program puts the nominated venues in front of the public and Prestigious Venues ambassadors – leading up to the awards evening. As the only global luxury venue awards program, every year the milestone event gathers the top 100 most innovative thinkers to inspire and be inspired in one of London’s prestigious venues. This year, the award of a ‘Prestigious Star’ will be presented to one winning venue in each of the 20 awards categories. More »

Key Facts

Awards Review and Select Best Venues    Over 2,000 selected venues reviewed
Shortlist of venues nominated for awards    Only 200 venues nominated worldwide
Venue Awards Categories Based on Events    20 events based awards categories
Venue Awards Finalists    3 finalists recognised in each category
Highly Commended Venues    20 venues are highly commended
Awards of inspiration, recognition and celebration    20 of the best venues crowned winners
Luxury Venue and Events Professionals    100 luxury venues & clients attend
Awards for the best event suppliers    1 award for the best event supplier
Worldwide venues selected for awards    Worldwide venues represented
Creative Platform for Best Events    A glimpse into the world's best events
Annual Venue Awards Program    A unique 12 month program, leading up to one evening of inspiration, recognition & celebration

A 12 Month Awards Program

Prestigious Star Awards 2015 Nominations Process

Prestigious Star Awards