Pit Garages is a dynamic space perfect for Christmas parties. Guests can immerse in the sleek, modern ambience of iconic garages, set against the backdrop of motorsport history. A Christmas event at Silverstone promises an unforgettable experience, blending the spirit of the season with the adrenaline of the track. Pit Garages is a setting that combines tradition and excitement at one of the world’s most renowned racing circuits for a truly memorable celebration.



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*** Voting in all the "Venue" and "People" Categories of Prestigious Star Awards 2024 have now closed. Winners will be announced at London's Grand Ball celebrating the best in hospitality on Friday, 15th March 2024. The "Best Event" category will remain open until the 29th of February - to enter the best event you've hosted, contact [email protected]

So prepare your dancing shoes, dust off your ball gown and black/white tie. Join us for an extraordinary evening of celebrations in London this March. Book your tickets here:

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