“Kate Stevenson is a driven sales manager who is determined to make Tower Bridge the best and the busiest venue in London. Kate’s extensive knowledge and experience of running events in unique venues, where events are not the primary reason for the venue, means she is able to talk clients through any challenges they may perceive, and allay any concerns. She always puts in the hours to ensure that clients get what they need, and maintains professionalism and positivity in any tricky client situations. Kate is a great leader at the venue and someone that others go to for advice and suggestions to ensure the best levels of service. She is very supportive of her team and mentors them to bring them forward in their skills, which can be seen from the growing increase in sales from the department. Kate has a delightful way with clients and colleagues and always has a smile for everyone, ensuring that we all remain positive and provide the best possible guest experience.”

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

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