“Anouk Hassaïne leads the global promotion of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris and organization of all the events. When she took on this role, she redefined the processes to provide full services and hired and trained two new members of the team. She has signed on 25 new corporate contracts in 2018 and generated an increase of €1 million in revenue from events.

Anouk is also in charge of the communications, events and artistic direction of the hotel. She manages the brand image both offline and online, in Paris and globally. She manages communications and social media management alongside a press agency, which has allowed the team to change the way customers perceive the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris.

The biggest challenge she took on when she joined the venue was to make people know that the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris exists and that it is different from the Buddha-Bar, a globally well-known bar, famous for its music and food offerings. The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is an independent hotel, where acceptance and open-mindedness are promoted towards every culture, ethnicity, and religion. We are now a renowned entity in the hospitality industry in Paris and all over the world as a place to gather and meet new people, no matter where you’re from.”

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris

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