“Amanda Hogg is a driven, tenacious employee who goes above and beyond for her clients. On multiple occasions, Amanda’s attention to detail and personal touch with clients has helped her to stand out. Her dedications to surpassing a client’s needs make for great success. Through careful, intentional listening to her client’s concerns throughout the planning stage, she ensures they are wowed when they visit our facilities. For instance, while event preparation can be stressful for an organiser so when the event is finished a small gift and spa treatment will be arranged for them to help relax. As a leader, Amanda is passionate about creating a dynamic and inviting team culture which not only drives golf sales revenue but revenue through the rest of the resort, and also fosters a culture of dedication, and hard work. There is always a laugh and joke coming from Amanda’s team which makes for great spirit and energy throughout the office.”

Fairmont St Andrews

Fairmont St Andrews

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