Prestigious Star Awards 2017

The Only Global Luxury Venue Awards. An All Year Program. Ceremony: 15th September 2017, London.




Some of the world's finest musical flavours, all under one umbrella. Wheathill has been recognised in the world’s largest review of luxury event spaces and suppliers in 2017. The event supplier was selected from a shortlist of the best event suppliers in the below categories. The public, clients and venue specialists will be invited to vote during July and the results of the 2017 awards will be announced at the ceremony on the 15th of September in London, UK. Both the supplier and the Prestigious Star Awards ambassadors thank you for your valuable input.

Prestigious Star Awards Ambassadors

2017 Nominations

  • 2017 – Nominated, Best Event Entertainment

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Event Supplier Overview

Wheathill provides the soundtrack, backdrop and inspiration for amazing events. For over six years, the Wheathill event services have delivered outstanding musical and theatrical entertainment, for a diverse array of private and corporate events. From award ceremonies to private dinners, receptions, weddings and product launches, their crowd pleasing repertoires blend hypnotic beats and emotive arrangements in perfect harmony. Featuring everything from virtuoso soloists to DJs and evocative ensembles, Wheathill covers every musical genre. More About This Supplier