Prestigious Star Awards 2017

The Only Global Luxury Venue Awards. An All Year Program. Ceremony: 15th September 2017, London.

Michael King

Michael King

Michael King

A charming blend of magic and entertainment that's sure to surprise and delight. Michael King has been recognised in the world’s largest review of luxury event spaces and suppliers in 2017. The event supplier was selected from a shortlist of the best event suppliers in the below categories. The public, clients and venue specialists will be invited to vote during July and the results of the 2017 awards will be announced at the ceremony on the 15th of September in London, UK. Both the supplier and the Prestigious Star Awards ambassadors thank you for your valuable input.

Prestigious Star Awards Ambassadors

2017 Nominations

  • 2017 – Nominated, Best Event Entertainment

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Event Supplier Overview

Michael is a full time professional magician and a member of the prestigious Magic Circle. Michael’s roving style where he moves between small groups of guests is incredibly popular for weddings, conferences and private parties, where guests are directly involved with the performances. Michael King event services extend to stage performances, close up magic with small groups and flash mob style surprise magic while events are taking place. More About This Supplier