Prestigious Star Awards 2017

The Only Global Luxury Venue Awards. An All Year Program. Ceremony: 15th September 2017, London.

Enter Venue

Welcome to the entry section of the only global luxury venue awards. If you are a venue or company representative and would like to be nominated in the 2017 awards, please follow the steps outlined below.

1. Entry

– Complete the form below and email information about your event spaces to (Format: A PDF brochure or web link is accepted).

2. Qualification

– If your entry qualifies for the Prestigious Star Awards, we will contact you to confirm your nomination in the awards.

3. Payment

– The awards entry fee is £450. The fee for the global categories is £100 per category entered. The fee for the National category is £200. Once your entry fee has been paid, awards assets will be created and your nomination will be announced.

For more information, phone +44 (0)20 3397 8399 or email

Venue Award Entry
Awards entry fee: £450
Fee: £0.00 (Included)
Fee: £100
Fee: £100
Fee: £200

To enter as an event supplier, see Enter Supplier

For more on the awards ceremony, see Register to attend